Monday, 9 May 2011

Gorgeous waffles...

Hi y'all! 

Another day another blog is opening! I know this blog isn't new anymore but whatever! 
Ah, I remember back in the day (A few months ago) when people loved my writing style :') I don't know how it happened, I lost my flair but I can assure you, it's gonna be back right about NOW!

I'm Norwegian so there might be some sentences that looks quite stoopid, like this one!

So all the fierce bitches out there want the old Selena back, yeah?! Well, she IS now! 

Prepare your tits!


  1. Well no offense, but even this post doesn't prove your 'back'.
    Have you read the last sentence?

    Oh, and you can loose your flare for one post, but I believe; Not for 3 months. s;

  2. You can seriously go to hell, you are a pest. You don't know what you are talking about anyway...