Sunday, 8 May 2011

Best Dressed List.

Hello All. It's weird using this amazing banner :') Onto the list. There were only four entries up to now. All presented in different ways, but i have a favourite!


She suits the criteria perfectly, this is one hell of an unusual dress. But sadly, I don't particularly like it. It's something my 6 year old sister would do on here. Definitely unusual but very unoriginal.

Nina (forgot your username lol)

I think she just print-screened her outfit that she was wearing at the time because this is definitely not unusual. It is too plain and not very creative. Reminds me of when i first came to stardoll xD
Wow. Very unusual, because certain elements make me look at the weird parts of the outfit. I looooove the hat & your facial expression is to die for. I'd change a few things but i like it alot.


LOVE. I can't use any more words to say how much i like this outfit. It is truly gorgeous and very unusual as i have never seen anything like it. You were the best dressed at the party by far.. congratulations!

and then there was me. I know I'm not unusual, i wanted to be Plain Jane.

If anyone else wants to be included then leave a comment with your tinypic :)


  1. That's you unusual as ever Josie :D Your outfit was really good, you are no plain Jane. I loved the outfits, wish I could have gone :(

    It's not my most unusual outfit but one I took a picture of.
    I hope you like it :L