Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Josiemae8445 here..

As you can see, the blog is in the process of being made. I am quite certain that it will be open next week - this means we will have a party to promote the opening!

I want the blog to have unique writers - that's what gets readers interested! With writers with quirky looks, people will be attracted. The blog wil be about gossip & unique, stylish and fresh new people on stardoll. We will focus mainly on the style bit - with a tiny bit of gossip. We will interview well known people around stardoll and i will hire someone who will hold all the interviews. I will also hire a fahion scout - maybe two.

So far, i have four confirmed writers. All these writers are well known for there edgy & outstanding style. The writers so far are;





So please follow :D

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  1. I Would love to be a model scout. -Lillian!