Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Opening Party

To introduce the opening of this blog, i have decided to throw an opening party for its followers and future supporters. The evening will consist in my guestbook (josiemae8445) and it will run through the night until people decide to leave. There will be a best dressed list in which me and the writers will decide who wins. The winner will be featured on this blog with their picture on the side for a week. They will also be interviewed. To be on the best dressed list, all you have to do is take a tinypic of your image and present it in my guestbook. You can start sending your entries to me the night before and the final entry must be in on the night of the party. I will rate everyone with a review. Your outfit MUST follow the dress code.

The dress code is basically the mysterious & unusual. All outfits that follow this code must stand above others - one of the factors of this blog. They need to be eye-catching and original. I would suggest mixing many items together, using site shop items & including vibrant colours.

Thank you :)


Josiemae8445 here..

As you can see, the blog is in the process of being made. I am quite certain that it will be open next week - this means we will have a party to promote the opening!

I want the blog to have unique writers - that's what gets readers interested! With writers with quirky looks, people will be attracted. The blog wil be about gossip & unique, stylish and fresh new people on stardoll. We will focus mainly on the style bit - with a tiny bit of gossip. We will interview well known people around stardoll and i will hire someone who will hold all the interviews. I will also hire a fahion scout - maybe two.

So far, i have four confirmed writers. All these writers are well known for there edgy & outstanding style. The writers so far are;





So please follow :D