Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hello there

Hello there all, my name is Shani im 14 and live in London

I have 4 cats and I am about to start boarding school which im extremely nervous about. My hobbies include drawing, tennis, art and ballet.

Thats all for now!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The 'L' Word.

Hello Dear Dolls.

Today, I received a friend request from an 'anonymous' person who said this;

I mean, from the names they sound pretty similar so I decided to do some research.

From first glance, both have similar styles - very fashionable with a sense of originality. They both have the same facial features, skin tones and something makes me think they ARE the same. Although one doll is a boy and the other a girl, something seems similar..

I'm not the one to jump to conclusions and i am not doing so here so to back up my statement, I decided to go into more detail.

I scrolled down on each dolls pages and then it hit me;

Both presentations seem extremely similar - the colours, the layout, the ADVERTISING for Kharma. I then looked at the country.. BOTH SWEDEN.

I believe that these two may be the same people but at the same time I don't want to accuse people for the wrong things. It's just, something smells fishy..


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jack Fever!


When seeing this amazing outfit, i was left speechless. Jack was up to his usual antics again. The makeup on his doll is done to such precision and it portrays so much empathy and emotion within the colours. It looks like he is letting himself go, with a wary face - I love it. The colours are very Camp and Girly, showing furthermore how much of a diva Jack is. Everything about this outfit makes me want to see more. One of the best i have ever, EVER seen. Such a controversial character who definitely shows off his outrageous, talented attitude in his outfits.



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hello there! Well, I think this is were I'm supposed to introduce myself! So here I go! Im a 15 year old girl called Cecilia, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina(for those who dont know, Argentina is in South-America). Im really in love with fashion but i cant describe my'll have to take a look by yourself! What else can I say? Im not that good at this so if you want to know anything else just ask! You can find me on Stardoll as Mery.- xoxo

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

McQueen's Models..

McQueen's Models have released their first two models to the public. They are none other than;

Congratulations to two beautiful girls! It is easy to understand why they deserve their place in this fantastic agency! Any idea who the next faces could be? Comment with your ideas..



Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi Readers :D

About me... well. I'm a boy, my name is Louis (Luis), I am 17 years old, I'm from Colombia (South America), i love fashion, stilettos, to draw, ehmm My doll is Laia_Fergusson_ & this is my first time on a english blog :D

Monday, 9 May 2011

Gorgeous waffles...

Hi y'all! 

Another day another blog is opening! I know this blog isn't new anymore but whatever! 
Ah, I remember back in the day (A few months ago) when people loved my writing style :') I don't know how it happened, I lost my flair but I can assure you, it's gonna be back right about NOW!

I'm Norwegian so there might be some sentences that looks quite stoopid, like this one!

So all the fierce bitches out there want the old Selena back, yeah?! Well, she IS now! 

Prepare your tits!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Best Dressed List.

Hello All. It's weird using this amazing banner :') Onto the list. There were only four entries up to now. All presented in different ways, but i have a favourite!


She suits the criteria perfectly, this is one hell of an unusual dress. But sadly, I don't particularly like it. It's something my 6 year old sister would do on here. Definitely unusual but very unoriginal.

Nina (forgot your username lol)

I think she just print-screened her outfit that she was wearing at the time because this is definitely not unusual. It is too plain and not very creative. Reminds me of when i first came to stardoll xD
Wow. Very unusual, because certain elements make me look at the weird parts of the outfit. I looooove the hat & your facial expression is to die for. I'd change a few things but i like it alot.


LOVE. I can't use any more words to say how much i like this outfit. It is truly gorgeous and very unusual as i have never seen anything like it. You were the best dressed at the party by far.. congratulations!

and then there was me. I know I'm not unusual, i wanted to be Plain Jane.

If anyone else wants to be included then leave a comment with your tinypic :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Hi readers and followers, here are the banners of Stardoll Wipeout writers made by me, I hope that like you ;D

Josie | JosieMae8445

Cecilia | Mery.-

George | GeorgetheGreek
Selena | Ruubin

Shani | Blingjane

Louis (Me) | Laia_fergusson_

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Opening Party

To introduce the opening of this blog, i have decided to throw an opening party for its followers and future supporters. The evening will consist in my guestbook (josiemae8445) and it will run through the night until people decide to leave. There will be a best dressed list in which me and the writers will decide who wins. The winner will be featured on this blog with their picture on the side for a week. They will also be interviewed. To be on the best dressed list, all you have to do is take a tinypic of your image and present it in my guestbook. You can start sending your entries to me the night before and the final entry must be in on the night of the party. I will rate everyone with a review. Your outfit MUST follow the dress code.

The dress code is basically the mysterious & unusual. All outfits that follow this code must stand above others - one of the factors of this blog. They need to be eye-catching and original. I would suggest mixing many items together, using site shop items & including vibrant colours.

Thank you :)


Josiemae8445 here..

As you can see, the blog is in the process of being made. I am quite certain that it will be open next week - this means we will have a party to promote the opening!

I want the blog to have unique writers - that's what gets readers interested! With writers with quirky looks, people will be attracted. The blog wil be about gossip & unique, stylish and fresh new people on stardoll. We will focus mainly on the style bit - with a tiny bit of gossip. We will interview well known people around stardoll and i will hire someone who will hold all the interviews. I will also hire a fahion scout - maybe two.

So far, i have four confirmed writers. All these writers are well known for there edgy & outstanding style. The writers so far are;





So please follow :D